Potato field

NEW Guest lecture:
Climate change and agriculture: adaptation and mitigation
Tim Benton

Food systems around the world have been radically transformed in the past 200 years. Yet almost 700 million people go hungry and 1.6bn are overweight. Food systems will be further transformed this century in the face of globalisation, climate change and a world population of 9-10 billion. The key questions are how will they be transformed, in whose interests and to what ends?

This site aims to help you increase your understanding of our food systems. The contributors explore where our food systems came from, how they change, what the challenges are and how to meet them. Topics covered include biology for peace, business lobbying, farming, feeding cities, food regimes, gender, food and human security, future control of food, intellectual property, nutrition, poverty, public health, seeds, sustainable diets, right to food, thriving people, and transforming food systems.

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