Viewers' reactions
to The Food System - An overview

These comments were made by some of the respondents to the survey after watching this video. Most watched it as part of the MOOC on Global Food Security by Lancaster University in 2014.

Excellent - very clear and informative

It's an excellent resource to introduce the  topic of food systems. Articulate and very well presented.

Loved the visual presentation - at first thought it was just a talking head (from the early webcast years!) but I really liked the information display - so not boring PP - and not talking head but both. Easy to listen to, non-aggressive non-hectoring.

Information presented in a coherent and understandable way.

Thank you for this free resource

Almost unbelievable - boy, what intelligence and sense. This is how education should be - absolutely on the nail.

Well delivered, with plain english, clear graphics and good speaker. A complex subject put across in concise easy to understand language and imagery.

Well presented, edited, engaging, thought provoking. 10/10.

Thank you fantastic overview!

The delivery was very clear and easy to understand and engage with. It succinctly summed up the issues around food production and distribution.

Brilliant overview. I learn't a lot.

A large amount of complex information presented in a very accessible way.

A great video that describes the overall food system so that the average lay person can understand

Wow, I teach these subjects to my students for almost 3 year's and I never found a book or articles that make the system so clear. I really want to adopt this Lecture to my curriculum. I don't know where and how yet, but I will. Thank you!

Excellent material beautifully presented.

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