Professor Tim Benton is director of the Energy, Environment and Resources Department at Chatham House and is an author of the IPCC’s Special Report on Food, Land and Climate (2019), and the UK’s Climate Change Risk Assessment. He was also dean of strategic research initiatives at the University of Leeds and from 2011-2016 he was the “champion” of the UK’s Global Food Security programme.

In a rapidly changing world that puts pressures on existing ecosystems, he focuses on how will we be able to live equitably and sustainably in a world of finite resources, when our demands for exploiting resources - specifically for food, but generally for economic growth - are growing. He is interested in how ecological systems underpin the services on which we rely, and how they respond to change. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that ecosystem services are preserved in the face of change - in particular how we can do this most "sustainably" by building food systems that are resilient, that do not undermine the world's natural capital, that leave space for nature, and supply a sufficient amount of nutritious food to underpin global public health.


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